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Most of us want to do the right thing, for example protect the environment, improve social wellbeing and promote strong corporate governance.

So, did you know that you can align your investments with your personal values. It’s possible by investing in the QuayStreet Socially Responsible Investment Fund.

So what is socially responsible investing (or SRI)?

It’s not just about investing in companies that offer a strong investment return potential. It’s also about investing in companies that are leaders when it comes to their impact on the environment and society, and those companies that exhibit high levels of corporate governance.

SRI considers the financial risks of an investment, but also assesses risks around the impact a company might have on for example, the climate, how it treats its workers, and what kind of individuals are running the company.

Those types of risks are often missed or ignored by traditional investment approaches but are very relevant for long-term investing.

Ultimately, companies that are controversial or have a negative impact on the environment or society are excluded.

By investing responsibly you can help influence change, support companies that operate sustainably and responsibly, while avoiding the ones that harm the environment or our society.

All you need to know about QuayStreet

We are a specialist funds management firm based in Auckland. QuayStreet offers a range of diversified and sector specific investment funds for investors with varying investment needs and timeframes.

10 Actively Managed Funds

  • 3 Diversified Funds for various investor risk profiles: Conservative, Balanced or Growth.
  • 4 Sector Funds, for those seeking exposure to certain asset classes or geography: NZ Equities, Australian Equities, International Equities and Fixed Interest.
  • 3 Speciality Funds: Socially Responsible Investment Fund, Income Fund (those seeking regular income payments), Altum Fund (those seeking a potentially higher growth/higher risk investment).

Find out more about our 10 managed funds or our investment approach philosophy.

How to invest

Complementing an existing investment portfolio You can use one or multiple QuayStreet Funds, such as the Sector Funds, to gain exposure to a specific asset class or geography.


New to investing?

You can use a Diversified Fund or a combination of Funds, as the cornerstone of your portfolio. This can provide a well-diversified base, suited to your individual appetite for risk.

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