How Socially Responsible Investing works

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When investing it’s important to know that not all investments are created equal.

All investments take into account financial risk and return.

Responsible and socially responsible investing also considers Environmental, Social and Governance (or ESG) factors. But only SRI Funds avoid investing in controversial and unethical companies.

QuayStreet has fine tuned their SRI screening process over the last 10 years. Their process can be applied across a very large investment universe…

From companies listed in the US, Europe or Japan to our own local markets. And, across different asset types such as shares, bonds, commodities or currencies.

QuayStreet will start by identifying companies with negative impact on the environment or the society and avoid investing in them directly.

QuayStreet will then apply their traditional investment process to the identified companies and assess their investment characteristics.

The next step is a comprehensive ESG assessment. This incorporates the assessment of for example use of natural resources or impact on environment, poor labour standards, supply chain issues, poor board management or corruption

The goal is to create a diversified portfolio of investments that are socially responsible. Investments are then monitored ongoing and necessary changes are implemented.

All you need to know about QuayStreet

We are a specialist funds management firm based in Auckland. QuayStreet offers a range of diversified and sector specific investment funds for investors with varying investment needs and timeframes.

10 Actively Managed Funds

  • 3 Diversified Funds for various investor risk profiles: Conservative, Balanced or Growth.
  • 4 Sector Funds, for those seeking exposure to certain asset classes or geography: NZ Equities, Australian Equities, International Equities and Fixed Interest.
  • 3 Speciality Funds: Socially Responsible Investment Fund, Income Fund (those seeking regular income payments), Altum Fund (those seeking a potentially higher growth/higher risk investment).

Find out more about our 10 managed funds or our investment approach philosophy.

How to invest

Complementing an existing investment portfolio You can use one or multiple QuayStreet Funds, such as the Sector Funds, to gain exposure to a specific asset class or geography.


New to investing?

You can use a Diversified Fund or a combination of Funds, as the cornerstone of your portfolio. This can provide a well-diversified base, suited to your individual appetite for risk.

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