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QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme


If you want to invest for your retirement it’s important to ensure your money is in the right hands. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in the QuayStreet KiwiSaver scheme.    

Extensive experience and a proven track record

With 60 years’ experience collectively and expertise in the New Zealand and global markets, our industry recognised investment specialists have a proven track record of managing high performing funds.

Active management of our funds

Our Investment Specialists aim to deliver superior investment returns for our investors by actively managing our funds. Investments are closely monitored to add or reduce holdings as markets change and attractive investment opportunities arise.

Choose from a range of funds to suit your individual needs

You have access to ten diversified funds that are managed by our team of investment specialists.
Choose one or multiple funds suitable for your specific investment needs and appetite for risk.


How investors use QuayStreet Funds

  • Larger investors use the funds to gain exposure to a specific asset class, such as International equities, Australasian equities or fixed income, complementing a larger portfolio.
  • Smaller investors can use the diversified funds, such as the QuayStreet Balanced Fund as the cornerstone of a portfolio; and complement this with direct investments as appropriate. This provides smaller investors with a well-diversified base portfolio, suited to your individual risk profile.


Make the most of your returns by minimising your tax

The QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme has been registered as a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE). This is to ensure your KiwiSaver investment earnings are taxed at your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) with a maximum of 28%.

For example if your income tax rate is 30% or 33% you will pay tax at 28% on any income earned within the PIE. If you are on a lower income tax rate, your PIR is either 10.5% or 17.5%. To work out your PIR – click here

How it works

Assess your attitude to risk   Read our article on risk and download our risk guide and questionnaire to assess what level of risk you are comfortable with.
Pick a funds that suit you                                        Choose one or more funds from our range of diversified funds to suit you.
If you need advice contact our QuayStreet Service team on
0800 782 900.
Join QuayStreet   Apply online or Request an information pack
Keep track of your investments    
  • Receive reporting either online or via post, whichever suits you
  • View Scheme Reporting online


    • The unit prices of the QuayStreet Funds are updated every business day - view here.
    • Monthly Fund Updates for the QuayStreet Funds and Quarterly Fund Updates for the QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme are also available  – view here



Change your investment when you need to   If your circumstances change, so can your investments.
Simply contact our QuayStreet Service Team on 0800 782 900 or email on info@quaystreet.com to change your existing investment between Funds, or your investment direction going forward.


We’re here to help

Our Service team is here to help. If you have any questions, or need some advice to be able to choose a fund suitable for you, contact our Service team on 0800 782 900.  

QuayStreet Asset Management Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Craigs Investment Partners Limited. QuayStreet Asset Management Limited (QSAM) is the Manager and Issuer of the QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme. Please refer to the QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme Product Disclosure Statement.

Investments are subject to risk and values may go up and down. This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your financial position, needs, goals or risk tolerance. No liability is accepted for the results of any actions taken or not taken upon the basis of this information. Before making an investment decision we recommend you contact your Investment Adviser.

Fund Manager of the Year Awards are announced by FundSource, the investment strategy and research company. These awards should not be read as a recommendation by FundSource. For further advice on the relevance of this award to your personal situation consult your authorised financial adviser, or visit www.fundsource.co.nz