How have Socially Responsible Investments performed during the COVID-19 crisis?

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded and caused financial markets to gyrate, socially responsible investments have so far ended up outperforming their mainstream counterparts. But why would this be the case?

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June Monthly Market Update

The benchmark MSCI World Index (NZD) fell 1.3% in June despite most equity markets being up for the month. This was a result of the NZ dollar rallying, primarily against the US dollar and the Yen. While the tech-heavy Nasdaq Index shot up 6.0% as investors sought technology companies that might benefit from the pandemic.

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Taking the bear by the horns

Those who bought into passive strategies such as index funds, which offered low fees and a market return may want to consider the merits of active portfolio management in the current volatile environment. As fund managers it's our job to navigate through the noise.

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Doing good with your investments

An introductory video guide to Socially Responsible Investing, what it is and what it means to invest in socially responsible investments.

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How Socially Responsible Investing works

Learn about QuayStreet's approach to socially responsible investing and the screening process for SRI investments.

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